Your brand is showing alongside some very inappropriate content

The internet is ever-expanding and is more divided, more click-baity than ever and auditing the sites to exclude is manual, expensive, and 24/7 endeavor.

Through crowdsourcing and intelligent categorization

We scan the internet searching for sites that might be risky to your brand, building the most comprehensive lists. It's then easy to select which categories sites you want to block.

Manage exclusions lists

Manage exclusions lists for each of your clients, campaigns, or ad accounts from the dashboard. Just copy and past to implement in Google, Adroll, and more.

Dave Rigotti, Founder

During 15 years managing paid media and running marketing teams at well-known brands, Dave was shocked to see some of the sites and content alongside paid display ads. Manually protecting the brand would take dozens of hours every month (or thousands of dollars if hired through an agency), so he started by initially crowdsourcing exclusion lists suggested by friends in the industry.

Realizing this would need to be an ongoing process, and that it's not uncommon for brands to have 100,000 or more exclusion websites, Dave invested in a solution to build an ever-growing exclusion database as well as software to easily categorize and manage those exclusions.